Gifted Education


We acknowledge that each student is gifted with unique talents and abilities by God. As such, we are dedicated to addressing the basic learning needs of all students, regardless of their innate capabilities. Our aim is to motivate students to strive for breakthroughs and pursue excellence in their own right. By providing systematic and suitable educational opportunities tailored to each student, we encourage active learning and the development of individual potential. This approach ensures that every student has the chance to shine and blossom in their own unique way.

Our school implements gifted education through a three-tiered framework.

Tier 3

External Support

Providing specific specialized training and learning opportunities for exceptionally gifted students outside the school.

Exceptionally gifted students

Tier 2

School-based Pull-out Program

Providing subject-specific or interdisciplinary pull-out enrichment programs within the school for students with higher abilities.

Students with special talents or outstanding performance in subjects

Students who excel in specific areas

Tier 1

School-based Whole-class Teaching

Utilizing teaching strategies in general classrooms to discover students' potential in creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, or leadership abilities.

All students

Students who perform exceptionally well in individual subjects

    Ranges from general to specialized curriculum content
    (General Enrichment)

(Specific Domain)


Tier 1

Target: All students

Teachers conduct group teaching activities based on individual students' needs, interests, and abilities. They design tiered assignments to cater to the diverse learning needs of students.


Tier 2

Target audience: Different types of gifted students

Examples of pull-out programs:

  • mBot robot programming courses and competitions
  • Debate team
  • Sports teams: Athletics, soccer, basketball, badminton, cross-country running, and other training courses
  • English study tours and camps
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mathematics and Science Competition


Tier 3

Target audience: Exceptionally gifted students

Students are arranged to participate in various university summer camps, leadership training camps, off-campus musical training and performances, gifted courses offered by the Education Bureau or external organizations, and mentorship programs.