Hung Hom Kei To Church

Hung Hom Kei To Church

History and Background

The Church of Christ in China Wanchai Church carried the mission of “Evangelism and Service” of The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, advanced the collaboration between church and school, and planted Hung Hom Keito Church inside Kei To Secondary School in 2004. Through the establishment of the chaplaincy, the church works hand-in-hand with the school in promoting the work of the gospel while shepherding teachers, students, and parents – all of which are meant for the outreach of Jesus’s love, and for its transformation into blessings to the community.

Our Vision

We firmly believe that the future generations can reach to the great love of Jesus and live a full and abundant life if they are planted in good soil for growth. Partnering with the school, the church can be the good company and support for frontline educators, and it is the church’s primary duty to nurture youths to become God-loving and people-loving disciples. Our long-term goal is to build a well-rounded, wholesome local church with a mission perspective and the ability to plant more churches.

Regular Gatherings




Saturday Youth Fellowship

Every Saturday 2:00pm

Kei To Secondary School

Youth Sunday School

Every Sunday 10:00am

Youth Sunday Worship

Every Sunday 11:15am

College Student Fellowship

Every Sunday 2:30pm

Jacob / James Parent Group

Every month: first and third week 7:30pm

Kei To Primary School

(170,Kau Pui Lung Road Kowloon City)

Sunday Worship for Adults / Children / Small Children

Every Sunday 10:45am

Children Choir

Every Sunday 9:30am

Discipleship Class (Adult Sunday School)

Every Sunday 9:30am

Prayer Meeting

Every month: first and third week

The Boys’ Brigade (Primary)

Every Saturday 11:00am-12:30pm

Young Professional Fellowship

Depends on group

Adult Fellowship

Every last week of the month 5:30pm

Please contact Hung Hom Keito Church for information about participation.

Activities and Services

For Youths

  • Experiential learning
  • Leadership training
  • Ball games
  • Summer camps
  • Individual counseling

For young professionals and adults

  • Spiritual / Psychological counseling
  • Parents’ talk
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Visits and caring


Pastor In Charge:Rev. Lam Yat sing(Kei To Secondary school School pasture)

Pastor: Chan Tin Yung, Wai Hin Leung

Pastor :Chan Wai Yee (Kei To Primary school School pasture)

Volunteer Pastor :Shum Mei Ha

Youth Worker :Wu Yat Tung

Administrative secretary :Tang Kiu Fung

Contact Us

Address:28 Sung On Street, Tokwawan, Kowloon, Kei To Secondary school Room 112

Office Hour:10:00am-6:00pm (Tuseday-Friday)

10:00am-5:00pm (Saturday)

9:00am-1:00pm (Sunday)

Tel: 2264 2775